Bronchiolitis and Wheezing

Bronchiolitis and wheezing are very common in infants and young children. If your child is experiencing bronchiolitis his/her cough often sounds like the cough of a person who has smoked for 20 years.The usual cause of this cough is viral especially Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV.) These viruses settle in the lungs and along the small airway. They can cause airway spasms and the spasms cause wheezing. Because the children are wheezing (the main symptom as asthma) we treat children with bronchiolitis very similar to how we treat children with asthma.We use nebulized medicines to relax the muscles along the airway and thus open the airway. PLEASE realize as your child receives nebulized medication to open his/her airway, their cough will often get worse for a few days.

1. How do you treat Bronchiolitis?
Just like a child with asthma, your child will receive medicine by a nebulizer.

2. How long will we need to do nebulizer treatments?
Until the child stops wheezing, ie until the cough goes away completely.

3.Will we stop the nebulizer treatments all at once?
No we will wean the frequency of the treatments slowly over several weeks.

4.How do I know when to start weaning the frequency of the treatments?
The cough will be gone.

5. How frequently do I give my child the nebulizer treatments?
This needs to be discussed with your child's doctor either at the time of the visit or by phone during office hours. Until you talk with your child's doctor you can give the nebulizer treatments every 4 hours.

6. When does my child need to see the doctor?
If your child is receiving nebulizer treatments every 4 hours around the clock or if you need to give you child nebulizer treatments closer together than every 4 hours, he/she needs to see the doctor. If your child is having trouble getting air in and out, they need to see the doctor.

7. What are the side effects of the medication?
The medications used to treat bronchiolitis is very similar to Adrenaline. The child may have increased heart rate and be shakey for 15-20 minutes.

REMEMBER if you have any questions or concerns please call the office.