Families are inundated with information from a variety of sources, many of which contradict each other. This leads to confusion and frustration by many families who only wish to do the best they can for their child. At Jasper Pediatrics we expect families to come to our office with a variety of questions and we are prepared to answer those questions to the best of our ability or direct them to resources which can help answer the questions for them.

General Office Questions

What are the office hours for Jasper Pediatrics and what is the phone number?
If you refer to the contact us section of our web site; the office phone number and times we are available are listed.

What number do I call to refill a medication?
Our refill request number is (812) 996-0828. An answering machine will take your refill request 24 hours a day. Please call 48 hours in advance for a refill. Please do not call our emergency after hours number for a refill. The after hours number is for medical emergencies only. Also remember the office is closed from 11:45 am until 1:00 pm for lunch.

What should I do if I have a medical emergency during the night or weekend when the office is closed?
Please dial (812) 996-7918 and the answering service will page the Physician on call. The Physician will call you back within 1 hour.

When should I bring my child to the office versus talking to a nurse if my child is sick?
We would always encourage you to call the office if you need to schedule an appointment. We see sick children same day during the week and same day or first thing in the morning on weekends and holidays. The nursing staff is excellent at answering questions, giving phone advice, and will schedule appointments as needed.

Can I change my appointment easily if I need to?
Simply call the office during regular hours and our staff will help you resechedule an appointment. Please remember calls to the office from 11:45 am until 1:00 pm are for emergencies only, so if you can call between 8-11:45 and 1-4:30 for routine issues we would appreciate it.

Can I call in and request an antibiotic for my child if he is sick but has not been seen?
Your child's safety is our utmost concern. We do not call in an antibiotic without first seeing the child and determining that an antibiotic is required.

Frequent Clinical Questions

When should I worry about a temperature?
Fevers are the bodies response to an inflammation. Normal body temperature ranges from 97*F to 100*F. We would consider a newborn (baby less than 30 days old) with a temperature over 100.5*F to have a fever (regardless of how the temperature was taken) and would recommend you call us right away. For children 1-3 months in age we consider a temperature greater than 101*F and we would recommend calling the office before giving any tylenol. For children greater than 4 months of age we consider a temperature anything above 101*F but would recommend trying a dose of tylenol, and call us if the temperature does not repond to the tylenol dose.

How much tylenol can we give and when can we use ibuprofen?
Tylenol and ibuprofen are dosed base on a child's weight. Please refer to the dosing guide in our educational handout section. Tylenol can usually be given to all ages but we would like families to call us before giving tylenol to a child less than 3 months of age. Ibuprofen is not approved until a child is older than 6 months.

What are the guidelines for car seats?
Current guidelines for car seat use in children is as follows: Child should be in the back seat of a car in their car seat. The seat is to be rear facing until the child is 20 lbs in weight and 1 year old. Children can then be turned around and be forward facing until in the car seat until the child is 40 lbs or 4 years old. However, it is recommended that a child be rear facing as long as possible. The child can then be moved to a booster seat until the child is 80 lbs or 8 years old.

What are the typical side effects I can expect after my child has received vaccinations?
The most common side effects are fever, swelling and redness at the injection site, fussiness, and irritability. We encourage an appropriate dose of tylenol to help with the post vaccination side effects.

Do vaccinations cause Autism?
Based on current scientific research there is no link between Autism and the use of vaccines. The Physicians and staff of Jasper Pediatrics actively encourage the use of vaccines to prevent illness and disease.